Modern Style

$ 229.00


The MODERN Faux Show Table Cover features silver knob pulls and a variety of high-style design options. Choose from on trend colorful wood stains and custom upholstered looks. Clean lines and an absence of ornate details allow your products to stand out on this table cover design. We’ve added a unique touch with simulated upholstery in the inset panels of this lightweight, fabric exhibit table cover.

All covers are 36” tall to create the illusion of a real piece of furniture. Table risers are required.  A set of 4 table risers are included with each table cover to add 6” to your table height. Each riser fits posts up to 3 in. in diameter or width; each riser boasting a 350 lb. weight capacity.

All 4ft covers are 24" deep. 6ft and 8ft covers are 30" deep. Should you need a different size, please contact us for a custom order.

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Product Highlights

  • Set of 4 table risers included to bring table height up by 6" for greater impact, allowing your products to stand out at eye level. Great for small items like accessories, jewelry, body care and food product tastings!
  • Washable
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Flame retardant




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