See what they're saying.

“I wanted to tell you that your table cover was responsible for bringing several people into my booth yesterday. I cannot get over the compliments I received on it! I’m convinced that a couple of sales were because they came into the booth to inquire about the table cloth, then said 'Oh! You have such cute gift wrap!' THANK YOU!”

-Leilani Lowry, The Wrap Nook

“We always get positive comments on our table cover! Our customers love its clever design. We love that it is easy to transport and a snap to set up. The 3 panel version gives us access to storage underneath our table, while maintaining a polished presentation from the front.”

- The Mint Green Tag Sale Company 

“When I received this as a present during my visit to Savannah last year, my first thought was: “How in the heck am I getting that dresser back to Massachusetts???” I told my sons what I was thinking, and they both laughed and showed me it's just a normal folding table – but with a totally custom, fitted tablecover on top! The foot traffic I have seen from curious customers and exhibitors alike has paid for the cover ten-fold. Thanks Faux Show Table Covers, you literally have me covered!”

- Junelles Jewelry 


“…competition for sales was pretty intense among all six of the bath and body vendors. I did notice quite a few people who saw my booth with the eye catching table covers and they would come right over to me without noticing the other vendor across the way.”

- Craft Brewed Suds 



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