How It Works

Fabric table covers that fit over standard folding tables, resulting in the look of real furniture.

Faux Show is revolutionizing the trade show set-up process with high-quality, lightweight, table covers that convert a folding table into real looking furniture. They can also be customized across several styles.

A true “work smarter, not harder” product, Faux Show table covers offer timeless design with rapid setup, making it the perfect product for fast paced, visually-driven retail and wholesale industries.

Choose from three or four-sided table covers. An open back allows quick access for items stored under the table and allows a person to sit behind the table comfortably. Four-sided table covers provide extra hidden storage space and keep items out of sight - and can be positioned anywhere in your space.

Our table covers fit common 24” width tables included with the cost of space rental at most trade shows as well 30" table options found at all the major big box stores. We offer 4 ft, 6 ft and 8 ft length table covers. 

Set up is easy and nearly instant! Using a folding table, collapsible table, portable table, exhibit table or any table supplied by your trade show designer, use the supplied table risers to add 7” to your table height. This brings the display height to 36", or counter height. Each cover has tight, form fitting corners, giving the illusion of a real piece of furniture!

A set of 4 table risers are included with each table cover purchase or table cover rental. Each riser fits posts up to 3 in. in diameter or width; each riser boasting a 350 lb. weight capacity.

  • Each riser supports up to 350 lbs.
  • Fits posts up to 3 in. in diameter or width
  • Adds 7 in. of under-the-table space
  • Perfect for displaying small items, bringing the table height up for easier viewing of products like books, jewelry, handcrafted goods, body care, soaps, home decor, food products, and hand made items.
  • If your table is on casters, remove them before use



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