What are the materials used in creating Faux Show Table Covers?

100% soft knit flame retardant polyester, made in the USA.

How do I set up my Faux Show Table Cover?

Your table cover includes four table risers. Our covers are all 36” tall to create the illusion of a real piece of furniture. As most tables are about 30” tall, the risers are required to display the entire height of the cover. To set up your table, simply place each of the table legs on the risers, then slip the cover over the table top. That’s it!

How do I care for my Faux Show Table Cover?

Our table covers are made with flame retardant knit polyester. This fabric is wrinkle resistant, requiring little or no steaming or ironing. It’s also completely machine washable, so if the cover gets stained, simply throw it in the wash. To avoid wrinkling, avoid tightly packing your cover, fold it evenly or roll it while in storage.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Standard turnaround time is 7-10 business days.

How does the rental program work?

You can rent one of our designer table covers for 30 days - including leg extenders AND shipping to your door PLUS return postage for only $65.
To get started, visit our Rental Program page and shop our table cover designs, select your cover and sign up for our rental program. Once you register, your designer table cover package will ship within 3-4 days.