Your Display Table Will Stand Out with Style at Trade Shows & Exhibits with Faux Show Table Covers. 
We are revolutionizing the trade show design and set-up process with durable, customizable designer table covers that look like real furniture. 


Features of Faux Show Table Covers 

Our designer trade show table covers make your display table look like real furniture! A true “work smarter, not harder” product for businesses at trade shows, Faux Show Table Covers offer timeless design with rapid setup, making it the perfect product for the fast-paced, visually driven trade show industry.

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“I wanted to tell you that your table cover was responsible for bringing several people into my booth yesterday. I cannot get over the compliments I received on it! I’m convinced that a couple of sales were because they came into the booth to inquire about the table cloth, then said 'Oh! You have such cute gift wrap!' THANK YOU!”

-Leilani Lowry, The Wrap Nook