Designer Table Covers for Trade Shows and Exhibits

Stand Out with Style at Trade Shows & Exhibits with Faux Show Table Covers. We are revolutionizing the trade show design and set-up process with durable, customizable designer table covers that look like real furniture. 
Our designer trade show table covers make your exhibit table look like real furniture! A true “work smarter, not harder” product for businesses at trade shows, Faux Show Table Covers offer timeless design with rapid setup, making it the perfect product for the fast-paced, visually driven trade show industry.


How our Trade Show & Exhibit Table Covers Work


1. Select a table size & design.

No matter your trade show or exhibit design and display needs, Faux Show has you covered. With multiple size, panel, and style options available, you can customize your perfect table cover to show off your goods at your next trade show event with a great furniture design!

2. Choose from an array of styles, hardware and design patterns.

Each designer table cover style comes with its own set of unique customization features. Mix and match until you have the perfect fit for a great, unique table design at your upcoming trade show event.

*Inset pattern options are available for the Modern Style table cover only.

3. Now you’re covered!

Remove the stress and hassle of setting up at your next trade show and coming up with your next exhibit design idea. Plus, no more shipping and arranging heavy furniture displays! Just use your newly created, custom-designed table cover! Order your trade show table cloth furniture today and we'll ship within 10 days!



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