Jewelry Designers Get Ready for Seasonal Markets

May 15, 2015

Jewelry Designers Get Ready for Seasonal Markets

April kicks off the start of a bustling jewelry design and handcrafted market season. Each year the excitement grows as the handcrafted movement expands to american households. Those seeking unique jewelry designs by up and coming jewelry designers find local handcrafted markets and are willing to drive across state lines to seek the new and interesting.

From reclaimed materials to semi-precious metals, artisans create handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces that are coveted by market attendees.

"More consumers are starting to appreciate those one-of-a-kind pieces made by local designers with quality versus the mass-produced designs. There is definitely a rising demand in the jewelry market for designs that carry a message that's unique and original,” states Elva Jiang Founder/CEO of Eva Design House.

Jiang’s company mission is to empower authentic, original designers of handbags, accessories and handcrafted jewelry. Currently, Jiang represents four up-and-coming designers and her site is a digital platform for exposure for these artists. The site compliments the time inbetween fashion markets and live opportunities to showcase their products at fashion shows, local craft venues and similar high-end exhibits. Materials include leather jewelry and leather handbags, semi-precious stones and metals, and ribbons, pearls, and gemstones for unique bridal headpieces.

Are you a jewelry designer? We know you’re getting pumped for the warm days and busy weekends - and the thrill of the sale.

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