Folding Table Resources

April 26, 2016

Nearly every mega home building supply or office furnishings store will stock standard banquet and folding tables. The price ranges from $40 up to hundreds, depending on the durability and features. Here's our summary, to help you save time and money while shopping for the best table to fit your display needs. 

We recommend the easy folding tables available at Home Depot or Lowe's. The cost is great too! Only $40 and you can pick them up at your nearest store to avoid shipping costs. The tables we prefer are the resin styles that fold in half. They are rated for indoor or outdoor use. This style folds in half for easy storage and transportation. So now your 6' table is only 36" in length, leaving more space for your products - or this allows you to pack up your goodies in a smaller car instead of a vehicle the size of a big rig.

Our job is to help you fit more in your car so you can pack it with products to sell, and make it easier for you to set up and manage. 

4 x 24" Folding Table

The majority of big box stores stock the easy-to-transport 4' folding tables. The cost is about the same at each store we checked. Home Depot typically has the 4' x 24" resin tables in stock most of the time. You can also order online and pick up in store too - or they'll deliver for free with a purchase of $45 more (saving you even more time!).

6 x 24" Folding Table

The 24" depth folding tables are a little tricker to come by. We haven't found many that fold in half, but this sturdy 6' x 2' folding table from Office Depot is solid and sturdy– holding more than 600lbs, made of durable, blow-molded, high-density polyethylene. The site claims it's heavy-duty, yet 30% lighter than standard folding tables. We agree! It's also available in grey (not that anyone will see it, but maybe you like something to hide dust and scratches when in storage. Please don't purchase a light colored or white table cover and choose the grey table though!). 

6 x 30" Folding Table

This is a great size table that is our go-to recommended size for anyone who isn't sure what size table will work in most instances. We have found that it's better to have an average table than too small or too large in most display settings. The cost is right under $40 at Home Depot. Again, this 6' foot table folds in half and has a handle making it easy to transport.

8 x 24" Folding Table

This table size is most common with corporate providers and trade show event coordinators. Please check with your event coordinator before purchasing a table cover with these dimensions. The tables are available, but not at mass retail outlets most of us have access to.

8 x 30" Folding Table

If you are looking for a great deal on an 8' x 30" table, we found the best price and free shipping at Walmart